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    Best Web Design Company in Singapore

    Web design is the most important part for the business in Singapore, since over 97% population can surf on the Internet. The traditional advertisement cannot track the data and price is unreasonable high will out of the market soon. The local companies like Media Corp, SPH all bought a lot of media websites to make sure their advertisement services will expand to Internet. Company without a website will sooner lost the business.  


    Because government provide grants for local companies do digital transformation. A lot of business owners start creating website, and mobile app. Such high demands push a lot of Singapore freelancers all come into the web design market due the web design is easy. Actually, everyone can make a website. Its easy. That makes the standards of building professional website higher.


    To make a professional website, the design must pass the usability test.


    Why Website Must Do Usability Testing?

    The old method to do web design is depends on boss. Boss says the design is good, then will be sent to development. The website is not using for sell products but just satisfy the company owners. The problem is many of the owners never learned anything about design. They may choose something that will dissatisfy the visitors.


    Usability Testing is based on the research data. Web design mock up will sent to consumers to make a decision. The testing methods are includes survey, focus group, and interview. It's collect data before doing any development. The data will firm as a frame to use as a further development benchmark. 

    Web Design Services Price in Singapore

    The price of design a website is really cheap in Singapore, only starts from $180, include hosting one year free. For anyone wants a low price web design Singapore, may check the website.

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    Cumberland School of Law

    1979 - 1981

    Juris Doctor Degree

    Babson College


    Entrepreneurial studies

    University of South Florida


    B.A. in Business Administration

  • "User Experience is The Most Important Part for Web Design."



  • Areas of Practice

    User Experience

    UX for Mobile

    UX for mobile design and UI design

    UX for Website

    Usability Testing for Mock Up Files

    UX for Products

    How to know customers will like the products design. UX will give you the answer

    UX for Marketing

    How to know the marketing strategy is effective, check the User Experience before doing it.

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